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Many changes have taken place in terms of design standards since our first publication and we look back with nostalgia on the construction details in vogue at the time. 225mm hollow block external walls were the norm and it was pure luxury to have a 300mm cavity wall with 25mm insulation in the cavity. A timber frame house was considered a “pre-fab”. A single or two chamber septic tank and a stone filled soakpit took care of the domestic effluent! We now have specific Building Regulations and the standard of construction required in this country surpasses European standards in many cases.

Recession took its toll in the 1980’s and again in recent times. In recessionary times we saw a reduction in floor area and our clients returned to simplicity of design, which is the basis surely, of all design. In the ‘Celtic Tiger’ era design standards were pushed out and house design grew in terms of floor area, which may not have respected design principles and respect for siting within the environment. Compact simple design is now again in vogue and we will see a return to a traditional design approach incorporating sustainable features and suitable location within the countryside. Compact design does not exclude a larger floor area to suit family requirements provided the location is correct.
Most Local Authorities have now published guidelines on the design and siting of dwellings in a rural setting which will indicate how to build sensitively in Ireland’s landscape. Many of their guidelines are similar in nature and content but must be taken into account when deciding on your house design. We have fully researched the guidelines and Blueprint Home Plans have incorporated appropriate external design features to satisfy this return to a traditional approach.
We are satisfied that although we should not make an attempt to replicate what is described as the “traditional Irish house in the countryside” we should take into account and incorporate details that reflect a traditional approach where possible. We must not be restricted in our general design approach however by mere recommendations and guidelines, otherwise we will end up with generic elevation treatments, half-doors and floor layouts that belong to another era. There are two views really; maintain a ‘traditional’ approach or move towards contemporary or modern design criteria.
Rural dwellings form part of our landscape and add to the social and economic wellbeing of the rural areas, provided proper design principles and sensitive location is employed. Mistakes were allowed to happen in the past in terms of design preference, but we must remember that the Planning Authorities allowed such developments take place and the blame for poor design and siting cannot be laid entirely at the feet of the designers, or those who instructed their Architects and designers. Regardless of opinion, houses will be constructed in our rural hinterland where a genuine local need exists. Rural housing in a loose cluster provides a sense of community and belonging and serves family involvement in agriculture and related activity.
When a genuine local need exists, Planning Authorities will allow permission to construct a dwelling in the countryside. In our years of providing house plans at reasonable cost we have overseen many changes in specification, design preferences, regulations and client requirements. Our online portfolio of house designs prepared with a lifetime of experience, gives you a representative selection of designs suitable for rural and suburban development. Our portfolio will constantly improve and increase in number on a constant basis. We pay tribute to our clients satisfied since 1981 who educated us in developing suitable designs for the Irish environment.
All our designs are available to order and you will find clear and simple instruction on how to obtain your drawings and specifications by post. We can alter any design to suit specific requirements and prepare a personal design if required. Blueprint Home Plans website has an array of information to assist you in design choice, and you are invited to contact us to discuss your individual requirements.
We look forward to assisting you!


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