Planning Process

An application for Planning Permission to construct a new dwelling is a complex matter and we outline the basis of such an application for guidance only. Applications although similar in nature are specific to each application site. If your site has the benefit of Planning Permission already, your application will be for a change of house type. A previous permission may have been granted by the Local Authority or An Bord Pleanala and would be subject to conditions and a specific time frame. Although now relatively rare, a site may become available with the benefit of Outline Planning Permission. In such a case your application would be for planning approval consequent on the grant of Outline Permission. The outline permission would be subject to conditions and may indeed specify the house type to be approved.

Blueprint Home Plans have vast experience in the lodgement of Planning Applications, being an Architect led office and we are available to assist you if required. The following documents will be required for a Planning Application.
(1) House plans and specification. You must submit six copies of your House Plan and Building Specification. The plans must be professionally drawn up to a scale of 1:50 or 1:100 and detail all features of the building; plans, elevations, technical sections, floor area, and overall height. All external finishes must be specified. The design must comply with the current Building Regulations including sustainable energy features, visitable disabled access, insulation and ventilation specifications. Blueprint Home Plans are detailed to satisfy all requirements for your Planning Application.
(2) Local Needs. Most Local Authorities require you to satisfy a local need in relation to the proposed development. A folio of documents are required to establish your connection with the area in which the site is located, including utility bills from your current address, proof that you live and work in the immediate area, confirmation that you have family history related to the area, and that you do not currently own and occupy a dwelling. References to confirm your involvement in the local community and evidence of attendance at local schools will be required. The local needs requirement will be outlined in your County Development Plan and you should establish at an early stage in your proposal if you satisfy the local requirements. Satisfaction and qualification for a local need is a complex issue and Blueprint Home Plans can assist you in compiling a suitable application if required.
(3) Site Location Maps & Site Layout Plans. Six copies of a Site Location Map based on Ordnance Survey and six copies of a Site Layout Plan to a scale of 1:500 must be lodged with your application. The site map must indicate your site edged in red and the holding edged in blue. Maps must indicate the North point and the licence number of the person authorised to copy the map. The Site Layout Plan must indicate the footprint of the dwelling, garage, entrance, site boundaries and all services. The floor level of the proposed dwelling related to Ordnance datum must be indicated, together with the site dimensions and the distance of all features from the site boundaries. Blueprint Home Plans can prepare the required Site Location Map and Site Layout Plan when the appropriate information is supplied.
(4) Contour Survey. The Planning Authority will require a Layout Plan to indicate existing and proposed levels for the development site. This work would be carried out by a Civil Engineer local to the development site.
(5) Waste water treatment. Technical details and site specific reports in relation to the waste water treatment system, if such is being proposed.
(6) Forms and notices. Application forms are available from your Local Authority and you should take great care in completing the forms. Make a photocopy and fill out an example form prior to completing the original. There will be questions relating to you as the applicant, and your relationship (if any) with the land owner. The forms must be signed, dated and accompanied by the required fee. You will need to publish a planning notice in a local or national newspaper to an agreed format and display a laminated public notice on the site located in a position where the notice can be read by the general public.
When your Planning Application is lodged, consideration of your application by the Local Authority takes place within a specific time frame. You must first await validation of your application; which will be confirmed within five weeks if your application is in order. There are many reasons why an application is deemed invalid, some simple and some complex. The Planning Application Form will include detailed guidelines on how to complete a valid application. When the application is validated a reference number is allocated to your file, and the countdown begins. The time frame to decision is eight weeks from the date of receipt of your application. Within the legal time frame, the Local Authority will either (a) decide to grant Planning Permission (b) decide to refuse Planning Permission or (c) seek Further (technical) Information. Please remember, a third party may make a submission or observation within a specified period if they have a genuine concern regarding your application, the period being five weeks. If no appeal is lodged against a decision to grant Planning Permission, the Local Authority will issue a full grant of permission following four weeks from the date of a favourable decision. Following receipt of a full Grant of Planning Permission the applicant must lodge a Commencement Notice with the Local Authority prior to starting the works, under the terms of the Building Control Act, within a specified period.


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