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No.1 - Claddagh -  View Details

No.1 - Claddagh

Three bedroom bungalow with traditional style elevation incorporating a draught porch. All bedrooms have fitted wardrobes.

No.2 - Rathboyne -  View Details

No.2 - Rathboyne

Two bedroom compact bungalow suitable for later extension, with a traditional elevation. Provision made for a fireplace or stove in the living room and a cooker in the kitchen.

No.3 - Riocht -  View Details

No.3 - Riocht

Bungalow with gable features to front elevation finished in natural stone. Three good sized bedrooms, two having fitted wardrobes and the main bedroom has a bathroom ensuite.

No.4 - Carncross -  View Details

No.4 - Carncross

Traditional style bungalow with slated roof and raised gables. Chimney on ridge line with fireplace/cooker facility.

No.5 - Clonlea -  View Details

No.5 - Clonlea

Conventional bungalow with gable end roof, slated. Heritage windows with vertical emphasis. Rendered finish externally. Provision for fireplaces in two rooms. Built-in wardrobes in two bedrooms.

No.6 - Templeport -  View Details

No.6 - Templeport

Bungalow with traditional style elevation and hipped roof, slated. Rendered finish externally. Compact floor plan to include four bedrooms and a draught porch.

No.7 - Tullow -  View Details

No.7 - Tullow

Dwelling with roof space designed for future development. All bedrooms have walk-in wardrobes. Provision is made for two fireplaces or stoves. Large kitchen and living area. Future stairs to be located in main hall.

No.8 - Ormonde -  View Details

No.8 - Ormonde

Ideal starter home and suitable for later extensions. Cottage style windows and a rendered finish externally. Provision for a fireplace or stove in the living area.

No.9 - Newsham -  View Details

No.9 - Newsham

Bungalow in traditional style designed to suit a South facing site. Living areas are at the front of the house and the sleeping areas are in a self-contained block.

No.10 - Annagh -  View Details

No.10 - Annagh

Attractive bungalow design with four bedrooms. Built-in wardrobes in two bedrooms. The attic is suitable for later development.

No.11 - Donore -  View Details

No.11 - Donore

Bungalow with simple design profile and three bedrooms. The kitchen/dining room extends the full depth of the house.

No.12 - Ballinderry -  View Details

No.12 - Ballinderry

Traditional style bungalow with integral garage. Large kitchen/dining room. The study could be used as a single bedroom and the garage is suitable for later conversion.

No. 13 - Lakefield -  View Details

No. 13 - Lakefield

This three bedroom bungalow has a distinctive layout. The large kitchen/dining and sitting rooms are interconnected with pocket type doors

No.14 - Dangan -  View Details

No.14 - Dangan

Three bedroom bungalow with draught porch and an attic space for later development.

No.15 - Lismahon -  View Details

No.15 - Lismahon

Hipped roof bungalow with an energy saving porch located at the front entrance. A reasonable floor area provides good family accommodation.

No.16 - Rathcore -  View Details

No.16 - Rathcore

A four bedroom bungalow with modest floor area, yet offering full family accommodation.

No.17 - Johnsbrook -  View Details

No.17 - Johnsbrook

This three bedroom bungalow has an integral garage and well accessed living accommodation. The living rooms are located to the front of the house to facilitate a South aspect.

No.18 - Newgrove -  View Details

No.18 - Newgrove

Attractive bungalow with modest floor area and a well laid out interior. The sleeping areas are located in a self-contained block.

No.19 - Clonmore -  View Details

No.19 - Clonmore

Attractive bungalow suitable for a rural setting with rendered exterior and a hipped, slated roof.

No.20 - Woodgreen -  View Details

No.20 - Woodgreen

Hipped roof dwelling with a symmetrical elevation and projecting bays. Brick feature at bay windows and sunroom, below sill level.

No. 21 - Ballina -  View Details

No. 21 - Ballina

A substantial bungalow with hipped end roof and a rendered finish externally. Windows are traditional up and down sash design.

No. 22 - Ballinter -  View Details

No. 22 - Ballinter

Compact three bedroom bungalow with an attractive functional layout. The bedroom block is self-contained and one bedroom has a built-in wardrobe.

No. 23 - Fennor -  View Details

No. 23 - Fennor

This attractive wrap-around bungalow is constructed with a single span of 6.00M and features stone finished gables.

No. 24 - Kilbrew -  View Details

No. 24 - Kilbrew

A well laid out bungalow with generous sized living rooms, and three good sized bedrooms.

No. 25 - Kilmoon -  View Details

No. 25 - Kilmoon

Hipped roof bungalow with balanced elevation and stone exterior. The front windows are up and down sash with vertical emphasis.

No. 26 - Ashpark -  View Details

No. 26 - Ashpark

The unusual layout in this bungalow provides for two family bedrooms each with a bathroom ensuite.

No. 27 - Stameen -  View Details

No. 27 - Stameen

This well proportioned family bungalow has five bedrooms, three with built-in wardrobes. The living rooms are well laid out and the dining room has a featured glazed corner window.

No. 28 - Shallon -  View Details

No. 28 - Shallon

This five bedroom bungalow with a balanced traditional elevation offers full family accommodation. The roof has hipped ends and finished with slates.

No. 29 - Loughcrew -  View Details

No. 29 - Loughcrew

A number of our clients prefer a dwelling with a large floor area. This narrow form house is wrapped towards the rear to form a courtyard effect. The design suits a southerly aspect to the rear.

No. 30 - Ballinlough -  View Details

No. 30 - Ballinlough

This well laid out bungalow has a self contained bedroom block and substantial living areas. The hall has a draught lobby and also access to the rear garden.

No. 31 - Belleek -  View Details

No. 31 - Belleek

Hipped roof bungalow with modest floor area and providing fully family accommodation.

No. 32 - Benmore -  View Details

No. 32 - Benmore

A compact bungalow with three good sized bedrooms, the master bedroom has a bathroom ensuite. The large kitchen/dining room has provision for an enclosed stove and fireplaces are located in the sitting room and the living room.

No. 33 - Rathcarran -  View Details

No. 33 - Rathcarran

Well laid out bungalow with four bedrooms, generous dimensioned living rooms and an integral garage. The garage is suitable for later conversion to a bedroom or study.

No. 34 - Kildalkey -  View Details

No. 34 - Kildalkey

There is a constant demand for a compact three bedroom bungalow design and the layout of this house is suited to family living.

No. 35 - Drissoge -  View Details

No. 35 - Drissoge

This traditional style bungalow with parent accommodation has vertical emphasis windows to the front elevation and a slated roof. The draught porch sets off the elevation detail.

No. 36 - Ballyfallon -  View Details

No. 36 - Ballyfallon

This narrow form bungalow has a natural stone front and a simple projecting porch. The roof is finished with slates.

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